In the south of The Netherlands, in a little village called Etzenrade an archaeological examination took place to discover it’s lost history. During this research canals were found that used to be part of a medieval castle.


Ceramic shards, coins and metal objects were excavated, but also botanical remains, such as seeds and pollen were found. Based on this research, it is possible to imagine the landscape of the site and gives us an understanding of which plants, trees and crops used to grow on this land. This gives an insight into the lifestyle of the inhabitants and what the landscape looked like at that time.


For the work To Cure Melancholia, Sanne Vaassen made a selection of the plants, trees, herbs and vegetables that grew on this location during the Middle Ages. She has collected the seeds of this flora to offer the possibility of replanting the landscape.


The forms of the glass tubes are based on the shapes that the canals had throughout history.

To Cure Melancholia, seeds, pill capsules, glass, 2021

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